French fries – everyday, all day


Is there a more perfect food than the French fry (or the Freedom fry, if you prefer)? Take a potato, which is the ultimate addiction for me, slice it into the shape and size of your choice, throw it in some hot oil to fry it, salt it up good, and just EAT AND EAT AND EAT! There is no saturation point for the French fry! I could eat those suckers three meals a day for an extended amount of time and not get sick of them.

Not so with the healthy foods of my lower carb lifestyle. I get to a point where if I even see another leaf of lettuce, I am going to stage a revolution. I love scrambled eggs, but after a couple of days to eggs, the thought of one makes me want to urp. And there even comes a point when a slice of cheese (perfect food #2) will send me running for cover.

Unfortunately, French fries are not health food. While they are okay as an occasional treat, I guess my three-meals-a-day plan is not a sound one. You can make your own oven fries with a healthy fat like olive oil and fool your mouth into thinking that you are feeding its addiction. However, once in a while, the Golden Arches beckon, and you might find yourself hitting the drive through…and awakening the monster within.


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