Another year older and deeper in debt…


Well, I have arrived at the beginning of the last year of my 20s. AACK! How did this happen to me? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was sitting in Stabler Arena next to Rob Thear and watching my high school classmates march across stage for our graduation. Yet somehow, while I wasn’t looking I finished college, spent time in three different careers, and returned to school. I lived in two different apartments and then came back home. I spent a long time as half of a couple. I learned how to scrapbook and rubber stamp and knit. And I probably read several hundred books between then and now. It’s crazy how time flies when you aren’t paying attention.

I remember back in the eighties, probably while sitting on the playground at my Catholic school in Texas, talking about how cool it would be when the year 2000 came because I would be 23. Hmmm…and now I am 29. I spent the eve of the new millenium playing drinking games in a condo in Ocean City, MD, and I probably forgot to remember how cool it was to be 23 as the year 2000 was rung in. I do remember noticing that the power hadn’t gone out and thinking that Y2K was a sham. Of course, looking back now, I realize that it WAS cool to be 23…but it’s cool to be 29 too.

My dear cousin Rebecca called me today to remind me that I was now an old fart like she is (although she will ALWAYS be older), but I was quick to inform her that I am NOT old. I won’t be old until next year. Really, it’s true that you are only as old as you feel. And since most days (as long as all my parts are working okay), I feel like a young and fresh 23 year old ringing in the new millenium, I am not going to worry about my mileage. I even get carded at bars once in a while (the best thing ever, in my opinion), which convinces me that I don’t look my age. So if I don’t look my age, feel my age, or act my age…maybe there was a big mix-up and I am not really 29! In any case, here’s to another year of growth and change and progress. And here’s to the people who help see me through it!


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  1. Happy Birthday! I figure that feeling old is being set in your ways, resistant to change, not enjoying the present, and dreading the future. So you sound young indeed. Congrats! And party like it’s 1999.

  2. If you believe at all in astrology, the year between your 29 and 30th birthday is big time. All of the planets are moving back to where they were when you were born. Things usually start coming full circle, and either you’re very grounded and secure, or the shit totally hits the fan. I’m a couple of months away from my 30th, and its been a kind of harowing year, but a good one. Although, I keep expecting to feel “grown-up” and I never really do.

  3. happy birthday!!and yeah, age is all in your mind. a stupid cliche always makes things better, doesn’t it?but in all seriousness, if you refuse to act old, you’re not going to be perceived as old. unless you’re reaaaaally old (like in your 70s, in which case you’ll probably be called “spritely”) or if you act too young. as in pigtails and skipping. but even then, you won’t seem old, you’ll just seem nuts.

  4. I’m 28, going on 29 this year and you’ve made me so sad now….Oh well! Haven’t made it to the last page of the net yet. When I get there, then I’m old!

  5. I’ll be hitting 30 three months before you do…I’ll tell you how it goes!!But turning 29? Yep, I to was a little sad. Here I was the all American Party Girl just 5 years back and now I am Mrs. Domestic as I scrapbook, go to Stamping parties and cook!! Holy Moley! How life changes you. I am forcing myself to look forward to 30. I loved my 20’s, heck I survived my teens…so 30 will have to be the year of sophistication!

  6. I’m 33, and you’ll soon discover that’s no different than 27, 29, 30, etc.My life has gotten progressively better as I’ve gotten older. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?

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