Up around the bend…and a new knitting project.


I am feeling rather proud of myself because I seem to be successfully creating a checkerboard patterned scarf! I only have the first two sections of alternating squares done, but it’s amazingly looking like I expected it too (except a little uneven in looseness and tightness because I am not that good at this yet. But I have branched out from knit-knit-knit-ad nauseum (which is apparently called stockinette stitch) and am moving right along. I should be able to make a sweater any day now!

I also have gone completely over-the-edge. And I blame it on Crazy Aunt Purl. See, she has created profiles for her cats on Catster. And so I thought, “I don’t feel like concentrating on this studying for finals that I am attempting to do. I should create profiles for my pets too!” Luckily, Marti doesn’t have to be jealous because there is a site called Dogster as well, so she can have her own profile as well. Anyway, check out Marti, Danny, and Bucky when you get a chance. And I expect those of you who have animals to join me in this insanity! I especially think that Domino would like to be out there making friends on the Internet…just like his mommy!

Update…That’ll show me not to use fancy knitting lingo. In reading my handy knitting glossary in my new book, I discovered that what I called stockinette stitch is actually a garter stitch, unless I was talking about knitting in the round, which I think we can all safely assume I was not…


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  1. Domino should be making friends any day now…IN MILITARY SCHOOL! For full explanation, read today’s entry.I so need to get pictures up and running on my site and get Mr. Domino’s mugshot up. Dogster looks great and I’m sure Domino will enjoy it in 10-20.

  2. Good luck with the knitting! I “learned” to knit last year – but when I spent almost a month on a baby blanket and it still wasn’t close to being done I realized I was too damn slow and I don’t have the patience for it. I really admire anyone who does.

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