It’s a popularity contest…and I am losing.


Well, it turns out that the cats are pretty popular! Yes, they are getting friend requests from far and wide and are up to about 30 Catster friends at my last count! And all this in two days…popular little suckers. Even Marti has gotten a few requests for friendship on Dogster. Meanwhile my aunt thinks I should be committed, and my cousin wonders if I might have too much time on my hands. I do have to say that I feel better about the whole Catster and Dogster thing after finding out that Patrice also has Catster and Dogster profiles for her pets. In fact, they are the newest friends of Danny, Bucky, and Marti.

I am enjoying my 18-hour long summer break. Yes, that’s right…when the people in the nursing department say that the part-time program is year-round, they mean YEAR-ROUND. My final was last night, so the spring semester is OVER. My class starts tonight, so bring on the summer session! I can’t believe that we don’t even have a day off…but if this gets me through nursing school in two years, part-time, I will take it.

So here’s what I did on my summer vacation…I got up and read some of Nicholas Sparks’s new book; I did some knitting; I watched some TV; I headed out to the door to go to the real yarn store; I stopped at the bank; I decided I didn’t want to go to the real yarn store today (because, truth be told, I was feeling too lazy to drive downtown…sad, I know); I went to Barnes and Noble to see if I could get any of my textbooks there; I then went to Michael’s to see if they had gotten real yarn since I was in there a few days ago; I went to the grocery store for a salad from the salad bar; I came home. The good news is that I didn’t spend money at Barnes and Noble or Michael’s (almost got another knitting book, but decided I should work with what I have for a while); the bad news is I have to buy several hundred dollars worth of textbooks tonight, so that good news will get cancelled out. And now, for the last event before I head out to school, I am going to head upstairs and watch Starting Over, which is my daytime reality obsession.

I promise that I won’t share these play-by-play posts too often…


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  1. Well, if your Aunt thinks you have to be committed they best make up a bed for me! I immediately went to the site after reading your post and emailed the page to everyone openly admitting how obsessed I am over my cats.

  2. 18 whole hours, huh? wow. way to make the most of it, though. all EIGHTEEN hours of it. it sounds better if you say 216 5-minute increments, though. sort of.and yeah, I am all over dogster and catster. like a flea on a white sock.

  3. Fred – I am guessing those high school students don’t entertain you as much as you say they do if reading my play-by-play was entertaining for you. But I felt like I had to post something, and I couldn’t stretch the popular cat thing far enough.And Patrice – Thinking of it as 216 five-minute increments was a huge help…thank you. Anyway, I just got home from my class, and the professor has the exact type of sense of humor that I find hilarious. So the four-hour class flew by…well, not really. It still felt like four hours, but I didn’t feel the urge to jab a sharpened pencil into my eye.And now I must sleep…

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