Another project…done!


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iPod Cozy

Well, I finished it! This is my iPod Cozy, knit from some Kureyon Noro with size 6 straight needles. I basically just made a rectangle that looked big enough to work, felted it partially in the washer, and then stitched it up the two sides. I am pretty impressed with myself, even if it is just a glorified rectangle, not unlike a scarf. I am going to put a little snap on the inside so that I can close it up when I am not using the iPod. However, I left the top open so that I could have my headphones threading out of it.


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  1. Very cute! I have to get on the ball and make one of these–although it’s too late to keep my pod from being all scratched up.Also HOW CUTE is your dog!! I loooove a basset hound–so low and charming.

  2. That was incredibly fast! I love it. I am still using the iPod socks in assorted colors, which are cool but not handmade and unique like yours.

  3. I used no pattern. I just started knitting a rectangular shape, and when it seemed big enough, I threw it in the washer to felt it and then sewed the sides together. I am working on a second one for my mom.

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