Last night, while sitting in class, I started to feel mucho anxiety when faced with the knowledge that taking two classes in one summer session is really going to be an enormous amount of work. I was in a nice state of denial about that, but last night, this information slapped me right upside the face.

And it should be known that I am a list maker. I make lists for shopping, for packing, for planning…and when the anxiety hits, I have to make a list to calm it down. Hey, it’s better than a panic attack. So my response to the racing heart and sweaty palms last night was to plan out the entire summer session, day-by-day, to list the school work I must do each day if I am to survive with my sanity (and good humor) intact. I now have a list, on yellow legal pad paper, of every day between now and July 7. On most days, it says something like, “Work on drug prototype paper,” or “Pharm exam,” or “Study for Mental Health exam.” My favorite days say, “Take a break!” There are like three of them. Actually, my most favorite day of all is the one that says, “Lisa’s party!” Because on that day, I get to go to my friend Lisa’s remission/29th birthday party, and I get to drink my face off, and I can forget about the damn list.


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  1. you’re totally organized!! see, I’d make a list like that and then forget where I put it, or just never use it. oh, I’d make it, and it’d be straight and perfectly spaced, or I’d probably do a complex spreadsheet on the computer, but then…nothing.I admire you for taking on so much. good luck!!!

  2. But what if you need your face later?You really do have a busy summer. If I had all that work I’d definitely get a “Certifiable” on the mental health exam.

  3. I have exactly the same type of list! This is my first summer school experience, and stupid me, I chose a literature class. I have something ridiculous like 4 days to read “The Sun Also Rises.” I’m a dead-woman. So I wrote down exactly how many chapters of each book I have to read each day. No parties for me, though and only one “take a break” day.

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