Dear M. Thom,


Hello, friends real and imaginary…

My advice to you is this…don’t knit after drinking two margaritas. Even if you don’t know how to pick up stitches, you might suddenly find yourself with an extra stitch on your needles. How did that happen? We may never know. I “fixed” it though, so everything is fine now.

The danger in not going to a picnic for Memorial Day is that you may end up visiting Lowe’s with your parents, talking to The Man on the phone, being sad that you weren’t going to see The Man on the holiday, and going home and splitting a bottle of Chi Chi’s margarita (with the alcohol conveniently already added) with your mom. By splitting, you might mean that you drank most of it, and she had a little bit too. It could happen. Not saying it did…but you probably can figure out the truth of it. Yeah, I am a little tipsy…


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  1. I love your blog Like me you are a little tpsy….ooooops like you me or I is a little tipsy…..its so fun to be tipsy….The hangovers gunna suck thoughthanks Brian

  2. it’s nice that you can have margaritas with your mom, though, and even nicer that you can fix your knitting problem.perhaps you can knit yourself a margarita cozy.

  3. I wouldn’t say we are pretending to be “friends.” And I didn’t say I told him I was sad that I didn’t get to see him…I just felt a little sad. The only evil thing the alcohol did was make me mess up my knitting. However, a margarita cozy is a new challenge I just may have to take on!

  4. I don’t knnow much about knitting or stamping – but I do know a good margarita. And margaritas are good. Two is the perfect number. A light little tequila buzz with no hangover. Well done.

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