Warning…I am all over the place today.


First of all, a small rant. Are any of you aware that a Market Fresh ham and swiss sandwich from Arby’s has 700 CALORIES in it? Now, I am aware that Arby’s is not health food, and none of it is really that good for you…but 700 calories? Thank God I didn’t eat the whole thing…

I have a new thing that makes me happy. I love when I read a comment on my blog, go to the commentors blog, and discover that he or she (let’s face it, it’s usually a she) has a link to my blog. Not only are they reading me, but they like me enough to go into their template and add me as a link. I am a lazy linker in that I use Blogrolling to keep my links going (due to my next-blogging habit and rank as a blogstalker)…but many of you are on there! Just look at my list! See it? You’re there!

Heading out to NJ for a youth baseball game tonight. It’s the perfect day for it. The Man’s younger son is playing…and since this is my favorite of all the sports seasons, I am looking forward to it.

Ummm…what else? Well, I went to Victoria’s Secret to buy new bras and undies today. Too much information? Yeah, I thought so…


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  1. yes, what of this Man?yeah, and what about that stupid arby’s?? we first had one of those market fresh sandwiches (which even though they don’t come out and say it’s supposed to appear healthy, they certainly give enough subtext that it makes you think it is) when we were still on weight watchers and when we looked it up to see how many points it was, it was like eleventy billion thousand hundred points. eeeeevil.

  2. He’s 33. He has an 11-year-old and a 12-year-old…both boys. I am trying to keep him somewhat a mystery since I don’t want my blog to bite me in the a$$ someday. Hope this satisfied your curiosity somewhat. I am boycotting Arby’s now.

  3. Is this a new man or old man?I’m dying to know more since I’m kinda contemplating dumping the useless baggage in my life at the moment….And yes, I guess you *could* say I blogstalk but only when I’m playing on the ‘net which is about 100% of the time at work and 2% of my time at home (that part has unfortunately been taken over by crochet). LOL.

  4. Too much info? No way–Not enough! Did you find your size? What did you buy? Now that school’s out, I’ll have way more time to blogstalk. When I walk in the door at work/school, I basically don’t stop until the kids leave, and then at home, I try to check out new blogs, but end up with a two-year-old climbing up my leg. So I’ve pretty much stuck to reading 3 or 4. (Check out my links. I added a new one today:) )

  5. This is my ex…I am just calling him The Man to keep him anonymous…hence the capitalization. No new men right now.Ummm…yeah, I found my size. I got some boring stuff…white and tan. Just your basic everyday stuff. My nursing uniforms border on see-through (thank goodness for the lab coat), so choice of color is very important.

  6. Sorry if my questions re bra shopping seemed weird. It’s just that all the women in my family have been cursed/blessed with big boobs and teeny rib cages–so finding the size, fit, comfort, style etc. can be a bit of a challenge. For me, buying a bra is more of a mission than a shopping trip.

  7. Yeah! I feel so proud to be called out b/c I so added you to my list of reads…you gotta give props where props are due!Oh, and please, wait for the yearly V.S.’s June sale to really stock up, you will get a killer cost on the unmentionables…I am waiting with bated breath for obvious reasons!

  8. I also shop the sale…but a nice thing about working at BBW is a 20% cross-brand discount. So I got my discount on all the stuff I bought the other day anyway.

  9. Oh I see, now I’m intensely jealous! I used to work for Express (b/f they went all Britney Spears) and LOVED the discount it brought! Now I can only shop BBW and V.S. twice a year at their big sales! (P.S. I just made your pretty comment section look unpretty by removing my mispelled comment…sorry!)

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