Introducing Miss Cranky Pants…


Friends, I am afraid that I am in a pissy mood today. Of course, it is almost 10:00 on a Sunday night, so the timing is ripe for a pissy mood. After all, my weekend is thisclose to being over. Done. And then I have to live through a whole week to get another weekend. And it’s a clinical weekend. Sigh.

Also, I did a lot of homework today. Taking two classes in one summer session SUCKS, y’all. It’s a lot of work. And I spent several hours on it today. And then I had to work tonight to do a floor change at BBW (for the Big Semi-Annual Sale that starts TOMORROW!!!). And that’s hard work. We all like each other and get along great most of the time, but floor changes are ripe for flaring tempers. And we are always exhausted when we get to go home.

I had to turn down two fantastic invitations to go to work tonight too. One was for a cookout at Sarah and Abe’s house (and in a dose of irony, one of the readings at church today was about the Sarah and Abraham in the Bible…which made me laugh a little). Sarah and Abe have awesome cookouts with yummy food and yummy beer and funny friends and lovely outdoor areas. I was bummed to miss it. Bill (remember…no more code names) also called and invited me to join him at our friends’ house for a “decker,” which is our term for sitting-on-the-deck-shooting-the-shit-and-drinking-beer. I haven’t seen these friends in a while, so I was also sorry to miss that, although if I was not at work, I would have been cooking out with Sarah and Abe and would have missed it anyway. You may notice that the major thing I missed out on was a lot of beer…and friendly company. Instead, I got flaring tempers, more cookies than a girl should eat in an entire month (but they were SO GOOD), and enough Cherry Coke (I know…NOT on my diet) that I should be up for several more hours.

The plan for tomorrow is to get up on the RIGHT side of the bed (since today I apparently chose the wrong side) and put in several hours at BBW. I LOVE working during our sales. Customers are excited, lots of people are coming in, and a five-hour shift can fly right by. I also get to make my purchases tomorrow…and I am getting some good stuff, my friends! And buying stuff for myself makes me SO happy! Retail therapy, here I come!

But for now…I am going to sleep.


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  1. I hate missing out on parties. That was something that was really hard for me when I had Sophie. The nursing and her schedule just made party-going impossible for a LONG time. There’s nothing I like more than gathering with my friends, drinking delicious adult beverages, and talking for half the night. Throw in a little dominoes, and I’m in heaven!

  2. Missing out on parties to do homework is about the worst. Retail therapy is dangerous. I have to make myself stay in the house when I’m low – and then I have to worry about online purchasing. Crap.

  3. haha – i think i’ve been reading too much craigslist rant and raves because i immediately thought “bbw” was “big beautiful woman” and then i realized what it really was. when are the sugar scrubs going on sale? i can’t get enough of them, but $20 each is pricey! especially because i’m a slatherer.

  4. Thats funny, because I thought BBW was Big Beautiful Woman also. Don’t they have stores? I think there is at least a magazine and maybe a catalog. But OK, I’ve figured it out now. (and silly me, with a B&BW bag sitting at my feet filled with the 10 antibacterial lotions / 2 antibacterial soaps that I got on sale last week) DOH!Love that coconut-lime!

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