June Gloom


The lovely and talented Crazy Aunt Purl brings to us the idea of June Gloom. And I say, add my name to the roster because I am right smack in the middle of it. It’s about 9 thousand degrees outside today, and that is an improvement over yesterday. The heat comes off the pavement in waves, and the A/C at the store (BTW – BBW stands for Bath and Body Works in my world, not big, beautiful woman…since I noticed that some people were a little mixed up by my abbreviation) couldn’t even keep up with it today. When you are doing a bang-up job of selling shower gels, you might start to glisten a little. Lovely.

I am also SOCRAZYBUSY!!! School is a little overwhelming this summer session, and just when I get one big assignment done, there is another one coming along to bite me square in the ass. Meanwhile, my diet is NOT going well, and I am not going for walks (see comments about the heat), and I have even done my little toning routine in a couple of days. And today, after Bill’s son’s baseball game, I want nothing more than a nice, cold beer in a tall, frosty mug. Mmmmm…

Tomorrow, I am going to start counting Points again, a la Weight Watchers. I am watching my friends have success with it, I have had success with it before, and I know that I can have success with it again. However, I have been too lazy to put the effort in…looking up foods, calculating out their Points values, writing everything down…I just wasn’t feeling it. However, I am also not feeling the extra pounds I have in the hips, thighs, and buttocks area, so I guess it is time to get busy with it. Hopefully the weather will cool off, I will be able to walk outside, and the endorphins will kick in…until then, I will chalk it up to June Gloom and look forward to July.


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  1. Yes, you were right yesterday afternoon when you said I must be out of my mind to be going for a walk in that heat. I did do three miles but no way in hell did I even TRY to keep my usual pace. And I was still dripping when I got done. Just remember, today is a new day. You’ll do great. I have faith! And when you don’t, you have blogging!

  2. what is UP with this crazy pa weather lately???? and more importantly, WHEN WILL IT END?? we took a walk last night at 9pm so that the baby didn’t die of heat stroke and I was still dripping with sweat – as it was still 75 degrees.I know what you mean about hopping back on the points train. I’ve been standing on the platform way too long – it’s time to climb aboard already. I just dread putting that much thought into eating again. stay strong.

  3. Ah, walking in the heat and humidty, a great way to lose some unwanted water weight.Hope you just have first half of June Gloom and that you’re feeling back to your non-gloomy overwhelmed self WAY before July.

  4. I totally hear you…my thighs were rubbing together the other day and I literally got a rash. It was horrible…I’ve been considering WW big time lately, but I think I need to settle my life first a bit.Are you back together with Bill, now? You seem to be doing well with him.

  5. Hey M – you can always try the Core program (no counting or points necessary)? Do you know about that one?I can fill you in on all the details if you want : )Rebecca, I agree with you – blogging always helps!

  6. I had success on WW too – and I keep considering going back to counting but it feels like a death sentence to me. Good luck.

  7. Blogging ALWAYS helps. Good luck with the knitting, and I understand about Bill–it’s hard let go fully. I think it was in someone else’s blog where I said, “I don’t have exes. I just have, ‘Lovers I Am Not Currently Sleeping With.'” Because I always, always, ALWAYS go back!

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