No, I am not talking about the old video game at the bowling alley that used to piss me off because I sucked at it so bad (latent anger much?)…

I am talking about what you become when you think you have conquered the roll-brimmed knit hat, but really you just had really cooperative yarn the first time that wanted with all its being to be a hat, so it knit itself, and now the new fuzzy yarn that isn’t so cooperative wants to be nothing more than a long piece of yarn, so it won’t knit itself, which means that you have to do it, but the real truth is that you don’t know how, so you end up frogging it…four times.


But I will show that yarn! I am the boss, and it WILL be a hat, and if I have to frog it a hundred times, come winter, there will be a grass green knit hat that my sister will be able to wear to keep her head warm! So THERE!

In other news, I lost 6 pounds and 5.5 inches on my first week of Weight Watchers. I am going to celebrate by going to McDonald’s.


I am going to celebrate by staying within my Points range again because I may have lost six pounds, but there are fifty more where that came from!


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  1. Six pounds! That is fantastic! McDonalds is gross anyway. I think if you watch Super Size Me a few times you won’t ever go back.

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