Putting myself out there…


I have a friend who is actively engaged in on-line dating. She is willing to put herself out there and talk to people and work on finding her Mr. Right. I have done this in the past (it’s how I met Bill), but I have been dragging my feet on giving it a go again. Granted, it has only been two months and 9 days (and I just calculated that…I am not obsessively keeping track) since things with Bill ended. And there have been “signs” that things with him will end up working out. But I don’t want to count on that happening, and I think I have been a little too much.

So this morning, I took the bull by the horns. I had a message waiting in my Yahoo! mailbox from someone who sounded interesting. And I knew there were a lot of other matches on there that sounded interesting. So I replied to the message. And I sent some icebreakers. And now I can only sit and wait.

I am still not in a place where I want to pay money to join an on-line dating service. That seems very final, and I am not yet feeling final. But I also feel like I am ready to test the waters again and see what the tide brings my way. So this is my first step…hopefully, it is a good one!

Oh, and sorry for all the cliches…


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  1. It’s sort of been longer for me though. You’ll get there…no worries. And after we win big at the casino, we will be fighting them off in droves!

  2. you can meet people in all sorts of places, and the internet is no different. just don’t be like my mother in law and have the guys pick you up at your house (duh) or, in an attempt to be more “safe”, have them meet you in the parking lot next to your house and just get in their car and leave. she’ll never learn.

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