Working Girl


Well, I am no longer just marginally employed. I am the proud new holder of a part-time position at one of our local hospitals. The job even comes with some benefits.

Nothing like adding a little something more to the mix…


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  1. Sure…it’s a nursing assistant-type position on a neurological floor. It will be a great experience and my first real health care job! YAY!

  2. Congrats! Maybe eventually you’ll be Rich Girl, period. 🙂 Did you ever read The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks? That’s what originally got me instead in neurology (specifically neurology of speech and language, in my case)…

  3. That sounds like an excellent opportunity. Congrats and good luck! I can’t wait to hear some not too specific but intriguing details of your work days.

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