Presto, change-o!


First of all, here we have roll-brimmed hat #2…the infamous grass green one. Yes, it took me long enough. Next time, I might add a stripe…

And my companion in that picture, of course, is Bucky…

Image hosted by

And then we have my new hair…notice the contrast in length between the before and after pictures. Next time, I plan to go a little shorter, but this was a good start!

Image hosted by

Have a great holiday weekened!


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  1. The hair is a very nice length for you. I really like it. I keep mine long because, well, it’s always been long. Maybe you’ve inspired me to take the shorter plunge.

  2. I think the hair cut totally flatters you. You and I seem to have similar face shapes – and I try to keep my hair length somewhere between the bottom of my ear and my chin because my old stylist told me it worked best for my face shape. And I think the same can be said for you.The hat came out great!

  3. oooh la la zee hair she looks magnifique!Maybe I can’t spell, but your hair looks much better at that length, very professional and ready to take on the world!

  4. Keep that length right there! It looks great!! My hubby loves longer hair so I’m doomed to pull it back in a ponytail. Sometimes I wish I could just bite the bullet and sneak off and cut it.. Maybe when I turn 40 as a midlife crisis thing??

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