Meet my therapist, Dr. Tar-jhay…


Okay, I know it isn’t a good idea to go to Target. I turn into a crazy person in Target. Usually, when I am there, I buy several things I don’t need. Tonight, after my final, however, I was in need of something…and in the choice between French fry therapy and retail therapy, I chose the one that wasn’t going to end up back on my thighs.

Well, tonight was no exception. Now, keep in mind, I was just at a Target on Sunday…a mere four days ago. I went on that day to buy stuff to pack into care packages and send to some friends from my old job who are spending the summer at camp. I got them some great stuff…little umbrellas for their drinks, stickers, water toys…but I didn’t do any shopping for me. Okay, I didn’t do much shopping for me. I didn’t even look at the shoes…and that, my friends, is totally unlike me.

Tonight, after my final, I headed over to get on the highway…and there was Target, just past the entrance ramp…shining like a bright star on a cloudy night. And then I heard it…”Mary…we have new flip flops. We have fun things for your iPod. You need to come see us.” I kid you not, folks. That Target was calling my name.

So I went…and I spent. I actually didn’t reach my $100 norm, which is a big step for me. But I got some flip flops (sporty pink suede ones), and I got a protective sleeve for my iPod (which I had been looking to buy for a while). And I got three shirts (because you can’t have enough shirts). And I got a pair of exercise-y pants for FIVE DOLLARS. That’s right! Marked down 75%, and THEY WERE MY SIZE. We were meant-to-be.

Anyway, I know that they say that material things don’t make a person happy…but my new pink flip flops are sure making me smile! Thanks, Dr. Tar-jhay!


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  1. I can TOTALLY relate. Shopping therapy is SOOO good. I am partial to Old Navy. I can go in there and come out with 86 T-shirts that I didn’t know I needed until I went in….but like you said….you can never have too many shirts!

  2. OMG, that is so me. My shopping therapy lately has been makeup. Today I went to Neiman Marcus and got one called Sexy just becuase of the name and no other reason. Oh yeah, then there was perfume and fake powder too. OUCH!

  3. hehe.. that is my therapy too.. no joke.. i go to the card section to pick up some to send to friends.. and the dollar section is KEY.. found some amazing ROCKSTAR rings that light up..they are going to be our rockstar rings in vegas when i ring in my big 3-0.. cheers, dr. chick pea 😉

  4. My girls think I’m a great dad. I take them to Super Target and let them loose. They love it!Me? I sit in the Starbuck’s and read the paper.

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