I.S.O. a good foot rub…


So I hadn’t worked regularly for about seven months, and last week I started working at the hospital. I will be a part-time employee there once I am oriented, but for now I am working 32-40 hours per week. My feet? NOT HAPPY. They would like to divorce themselves from my body and go back to lounging around the house all day. However, I would be lost without them.

It got so bad today that I got in my car after work, took off my shoes and socks, and then drove home. My shoes are good ones…white Dansko clogs. And they work for me…as long as I am not on my feet for eight straight hours, four days in a row. After that, nothing would possibly be comfortable, even these shoes that I consider The Best Ever. So I will soon be heading out to buy a different pair of shoes to alternate with the Danskos. Maybe if I shake it up a little, my feet will start speaking to me again…


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  1. I am missing my foot rubs lately. My wonderful husband normally rubs my feet every night, but he is on a different shift from me right now, so I am in the same boat as you are!

  2. I have alot of foot issues, most of which have some sort of comfort-reducing result. it sucks when your feet hurt. it’s worse when your shoes don’t help the situation. I agree with nicole on the foot soak…though it seems to only help in the hour after you soak them. a good recliner and a handy remote always help, too.

  3. I don’t nothing will work like feet soaking, but I have bad foot problems too, mostly in the heel, but just FINALLY getting off my feet helps. Just sit, prop them up and relax for a while.Better shoes are priceless.

  4. I actually have some Crocs, but they are light blue. I might have to order a pair of more closed-in white ones though. They are really comfortable!

  5. i have total sympathy for you poor little feet! I worked retail for many years, and i remember the feeling. my mom is an RN too, and she likes ecco. it’s good to have variety. for the pain, i recommend ben gay (not just for seniors anymore!) and elevating your feet above your heart. feel better! 🙂

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