Reckless Abandon


My eating for the last two weeks has been decidedly un-Weight-Watchers-friendly and more “let’s see how many calories I can take in before dropping off to sleep tonight.” The good news is that I only gained half a pound. Okay, that isn’t entirely correct…I gained about four pounds, but somehow, when I weighed in this morning, 3.5 pounds were mysteriously gone, and hey, I’m not gonna argue. I did do a lot of Festing last week, which involved a lot of wandering around and not as much beer as other years, so maybe that combined with my rather physical job kept things in check. Not going to complain…

Now, I have a Reason to lose weight. Granted, that Reason is about 14 months away, but it’s looming just the same. I have never been able to lose weight for other people’s weddings (although I am going to give it the old college try for the one coming up on September 24), but if I never am able to lose weight for anything else, shouldn’t I be able to for my own wedding day?

Now, I don’t expect to be downright skinny…I don’t even know if my body could get there. My hips loom not too far under the surface under not too thick a layer of padding, and even if all those fat cells magically disappeared, there would still be a certain width to my frame. My shoulders are not narrow, and my calves, which are not fat, are nonetheless of good size. So I am aiming more for in shape and toned. I have never been a skinny girl and don’t expect ever to be…but I would like to get married in the best shape of my life.

Of course, I will be 30 when it happens, so Mother Nature might be working against me…but what’s one more project on top of the wedding and nursing school? So glad I am of hearty stock…


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  1. I was actually the opposite, I got as skinny as I have ever been in my adult life for nicole’s (NME’s) wedding, but not my own. though my own wedding was only 2 months after hers, but by that time, I was sick of dieting. I hadn’t gained back much though. at any rate, you will look BEAUTIFUL no matter what anyway. you’re already a very pretty woman – you have a great face, very’s so exciting, isn’t it??

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