Riding on the Information Superhighway…


It’s no secret that I am very pro-Internet. After all, I share my inner thoughts several times a week here on my blog. I do lots of shopping via Amazon.com. And some of the women to whom I turn first when I have a crisis or good news are a group of women called the Diamonds whom I have never met in person but have “known” for more than a year. When I was in eleventh grade, I had a pen pal named Spencer that I met on a Prodigy bulletin board. We kept in touch for many years and still send e-mails back and forth once in a while. When I went away to college, e-mail kept me close to friends and family, and when AIM came out, I chatted the hours away at night. Over five years ago, I met the man who I will marry on an on-line personals website. Yes, the Internet has been good for me…and my life would be very different without it.

And that brings me to my newest Internet addiction…the Knot. First of all, this website has tons of wedding planning information. And as we have discussed in the past, I am an info ho’…so this makes me happy. I can look at dresses and centerpieces and bouquets and headpieces and tuxedos. I can find out the proper way to address envelopes and the proper wording to use on invitations. I can even create my own wedding webpage. It’s an amazing wealth of information, and I love it.

But the best part, by far, is the Talk section. It’s a bulletin board where brides-to-be and brides-who-were post at all hours of the night…questions, advice, rants and raves. You can ask all those things that you have no one to ask. You can get ideas from other “Knotties.” You can even view elaborate bios that show the Knotties wedding pictures and planning picture, and you can get So Damned Excited when you see a picture of the bouquet of your dreams that has only been floating around in your head until now.

Ah, the Internet…friend, sometimes foe, but always on and always ready. In case I need to think about cake ideas at 3:30 in the morning…


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  1. Congratulations on the engagement and getting off the blocks so quickly. Good luck with planning. Nicole got lots of great advice and guidance from the Internet. Blah, blah, blah.The real reason for my comment: Nicole and I were at the same rained out Yankees-Mets game you mention on your Knot page. I can’t believe we didn’t meet you then.I had talked Niki, the world’s leading baseball-hater, into going with me for the “experience” of Yankee Stadium. So after a bus ride into the city in goddawful traffic and the crowded subway ride uptown, we arrived two innings into a game that wound up being rained out a couple innings later. She was thrilled.The re-scheduled game turned out to be the infamous Clemens-Piazza beanball incident. Niki did not join me that day.

  2. I loved the knot when I was doing my wedding planning. I probably visited that site 6 times a day. I did most of my wedding stuff myself (invitations, centerpieces, various wedding stuff like unity candle, even my own veil) so it was a wealth of info. and I really liked the etiquette sections. so exciting.that’s crazy about mark and nicole being at the same game as you. freaky.

  3. I’m sure that baseball game holds more fond memories for you than me. The Knot is great. They have a magazine now too. I saw it in the checkout line last night. But make sure you share info with us here too – we don’t want to have to compete with those other catty brides.

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