Enormous sigh of relief…


Good news! I have found, and booked, a reception venue! We are going with a local Four Points Sheraton that offers great wedding packages! We will be having a six-hour reception (first hour as a cocktail hour), and there will be plenty of room for the 200-250 guests that we will apparently be entertaining that night! And also, there will be room for Nicole and Patrice to crash the thing, if they so desire (I hope you were kidding…)!

This is a huge load off my mind because I was having nightmares of not being able to find a place on our chosen wedding date. So now the fun stuff can begin!

I will be sharing more details as they are decided upon!


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  1. So let’s say…in a hypothetical situation… you met people who blog, who live, say, in Quakertown, who are close by, and are real losers, and love to party……would THEY be invited to your wedding????Just curious.

  2. Alright, so that will be Patrice, Nicole, and Sherri who I can count on to be crashers. No problem…It’s amazing how many wedding-crashing bloggers live in the greater Phila area!

  3. Congrats on your engagement from another potential wedding-crasher Philly blogger!My brother got married in Bethlehem in July. We spent the weekend there, and I had no idea your town was so lovely. So many cute shops, plenty of green space, and even a brewery! Best of luck with the continued planning; I look forward to reading about it.

  4. I’m coming and I’m bringing the whole damn internet with me. Whose in? And Sherri – next time I’m in Quakertown visiting my mom I’m dropping by your house. Where is it?

  5. nme…..I live near where the guy who killed his estranged wife and then hid out in the woods until he killed himself during a police stand off lived….ain’t that nice?

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