Sad, sad, sad


I was watching yet more of the news tonight, keeping up-to-date on the latest regarding the relief efforts in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. And I saw something that has affected my soft, animal-loving heart more than anything. I saw video of a man climbing into a rescue boat and leaving his dog behind because there wasn’t room for him. He and his dog had been riding out the disaster on his roof…and when the rescuers came, the dog had to stay behind.

Words can’t describe how horrible this made me feel. I know that there is a lot of death and destruction down there, but it is this image that has imprinted itself on my brain…a dog wagging his tail in confusion and hope as his best friend rode away.

I pray that an animal rescue group came back for the dog. I knew that pets were dying down there…but seeing it was something else. I urge you all to give your pets an extra squeeze tonight. All they want is your love…and I am sure this man was heartbroken to have to leave his friend behind.


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  1. I know that PETA is down there helping, and I know things are slooooooow going, but there is a good chance that someone came back for the dog. I wouldn’t have been able to leave him. No, I just couldn’t. I KNOW there was room somewhere. Again, they all know he was left there, I would think the owner perhaps tried to see if someone could go back. I just couldn’t do it, and I don’t believe they’d just leave him there do die when he’ll just be sitting there and someone else can get him to safety. I also saw a young student carrying his 3 cats in some sort of Rubber maid container. Ohh, the animals! I always feel for the animals!

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