If we all just gave a dollar…


Alright, I call this blog “Rich Girl, Poor Girl,” and I’ve never explained that title to y’all. Well, here’s the scoop. I am rich in many ways…I am rich in family and friends and furry friends that like to hog the bed at night. I am rich in poundage (working on that) and stuff (hoarder here!) and reading to do for school. I am rich in jobs (three at last count) and shows that I like to watch on TV. And I am rich in love…and that’s the kind of rich I like to be.

But money? Poor. Poor, poor, poor, poor, poor. Those three jobs? Do not one full-time job make. The love? Not paying the bills. The reading to do for school? Someday that will result in money. But right now? Poor.

So the hurricane. Clearly, I had a mini-breakdown last week after seeing the dog left behind. I thank those of you who said that probably that dog got rescued. I hope that the news media who filmed him being left did the Right Thing (never can tell with the news media) and gave him a lift. And I know that a lot of organizations are rescuing those animals. Of course, that breakdown wasn’t just about the dog. The sight of that dog was just the Last Straw. It sent me over the edge…and the tears came pouring down.

I might have mentioned that I was poor in money…and I don’t have a million dollars to give to the American Red Cross. I don’t have a ton of money to send to Noah’s Wish so they can save some more animals. But you know what I do have? I have a dollar. And when I was at Redner’s today, buying foods to feed my PMS-induced frenzy, the lady at the checkout asked if I wanted to donate a dollar to the American Red Cross. And I said yes.

So here’s my idea…whenever I am in a location that I am asked to give a dollar to disaster relief, I will. I can always tag a dollar on at the checkout. And that’s what I am going to do. I encourage you to do the same. One dollar on to your grocery order, multiplied by the, well, seven people who read this blog regularly (especially if y’all Spread the Word) could mean that the American Red Cross gets a little more money to help those who are really in need right now. And every little bit helps…


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  1. I feel the same way. We gave to the Red Cross, but I just now bought stuff at the grocery store for their collection too. It just seems like the least I can do.

  2. We are giving to the Red Cross through Mark’s work because they are doing matching. My suggestion is that all those people who had a paid vacation day on Labor Day give that days pay to the Red Cross.

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