What a rush…


If you are a dieter, you know this feeling. You know that you have done pretty well on your diet this week. You have cut out all the boredom eating and stress eating. You have been making good choices most of the time. You have been eating all your water. And a week has gone by, and it’s time to check your progress. You step on the scale…

This week, I have lost 8.5 pounds. Now, some of that was, without a doubt, water weight that was put on both because it was TOM for me and because I hadn’t been drinking the water my needs. However, it’s a great feeling to step on a scale and have it register 8.5 pounds less than it did a week ago. I am going to take that feeling and run with it. I know every week won’t be like this!

The funny thing is that I went over my Points plenty of times this week. But you know what I stopped doing? I stopped grazing when I was bored. I stopped eating just because I thought it was time for a snack. I listened to my body. When it told me it was hungry, I fed it. When it told me it was full, I stopped eating. It felt almost…normal. It felt good.


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