Roof Dog is safe!


Some of you may recall my little breakdown from around the time of Hurrican Katrina. I watched a man on TV who was seemingly forced to leave his black dog with a white chest (some kind of Lab mix, I imagined) when the rescuers came. Now, as I said then, it wasn’t only about the dog. But that was the final straw that brought home to me the death and destruction happening in the south. And hence, the breakdown.

Today, while watching Fox and Friends on FoxNews, I saw a familiar-looking dog. His name was Rover, and he was being reunited with his owner! And it turns out that his owner didn’t leave him on the roof. They were both rescued from the roof by the Coast Guard (which is not how it originally looked to me when I was having the breakdown), but they were later separated. However, they are together again. And my heart is filled to overflowing, just thinking about what kind of reunion that must have been…


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  1. that spam comment up there is probably the funniest one I have ever seen. I know they put keywords in there and write the copy so that it can fit any keyword, but that one is funny.anyways. I couldn’t, and still can’t, read anything about babies or pets during katrina. not read, not see pictures, nothing. I just can’t handle it.

  2. So I usually erase those spam comments on the blog, but I have to admit, Patrice, that that’s a funny one. So it can stay…But note to spammers…that doesn’t mean you’re ALL welcome here!

  3. I am so relieved. I started to read the post you wrote that day, but it was too sad, and i couldn’t finish it. Thank God the poor dear is all right.

  4. I knew it’ll be okay! But in a Pet Advocates mag I get they talked about the millions of animals that didn’t make it, and how some of them died. I don’t think it was millions, but still, depressed me to no end. I shouldn’t have kept reading. But there were so many who were saved.

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