Not quite so fat…


I haven’t been completely sucking at the diet this week. I have been pretty active and have been drinking plenty of water. And I have been eating food that is good for me, along with less good things in moderation. It feels good to do well…now let’s just keep it up for, oh, the next 54 weeks!



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  1. Good job Mary!! How is the challenge going with the Diamonds? I used to post with the Diamonds too, but stopped when I was just using eDiets as a chat board instead of a weight loss tool.

  2. Oh Mary….can I relate! When I read your posts, it’s like you crawled inside my head and plucked out my thoughts. Keep plugging away. I figure that being conscience of what I’m eating (and tracking it half-assed…I’m a WW girl too) is keeping me from getting completely out of control. If that makes any sense. Best of luck. I’ll check in on you from time to time to see how you’re doing.

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