So freakin’ excited that I sometimes can’t stand it…


So this post will probably ooze a little bit toward the cheezy, but I want to share how much I am loving this whole planning-for-the-future thing now that a little more direction is present there. In a very short amount of time (roughly 4.5 minutes on August 7th), I went from being that-girl-who-might-just-live-at-home-forever-because-she-is-29-and-single to that-girl-with-a-fiance-who-will-be-moving-to-the-Poconos! It was a big shock! It took about 4.5 minutes to happen, and it took about 4.5 days to get used to! But I am used to it! Oh, yeah! As evidenced by the girlifying of Bill’s bachelor pad.

One day last month, he said these fateful words: “Well, you can start doing whatever you want at the house. We will move your stuff up here, and you can decorate some, if you want.” If I want? Yes, please! So slowly but surely, I am making that house a home.

Step one was to bring up enough Bath and Body Works Wallflowers to scent the entire home. For those not fluent in BBW-ese, those are the plug-ins that diffuse scent throughout the room. Thanks to them, “our” (still getting used to that) kitchen smells like Apple, the bedroom smells like Shore Breeze, the master bath and living rooms smell like Bartlett Pear, as does the office, and the main bathroom smells like Black Raspberry Vanilla. I love it.

I also pulled a few things out of boxes and brought them up to start the changeover from bachelor pad to house-that-is-now-a-home. A Longaberger recipe box sits on the ledge above the kitchen sink. A new floor lamp lives in a corner of the living room. A couple of knick-knacks have found a place to live. And once all the stuff comes out of storage, we will get to spend some time merging our two styles into one place that will make us both happy…our home.

I am also upgrading some kitchen stuff…like the butter dish. It used to be, well, nonexistent, but with the help of my friends from Rubbermaid, the butter has a home now. There are also food storage containers in the cabinet and geranium-scented multi-purpose cleaner under the sink…and enough BBW anti-bacterial soaps to keep us clean into the next decade. Once my stuff is out of storage, we will also have a matched set of dinnerware, a lovely pot and pan set that was not a hand-me-down, and a set of silverware that is actually relatively new! I can’t wait!

And the best part of getting all that stuff out of storage is that I probably don’t even remember half the stuff I have…so I might not have to shop for new stuff for a good long time. Everything will seem new! Wait…no shopping? Well, I might have to reconsider that, come to think of it…


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  1. That does sound like fun. I hope that Bill isn’t too picky about what you do to the house. I know that sometimes it can be a big hassle. I got lucky and my husband and I agree on most things about our decor. I love new and matching houseware things too. That should be so much fun getting things out of storage. Don’t forget about your registry, though. My husband and I did the courthouse, no one else really involved thing and we missed out on wedding gifts. We ended up buying ourselves nice plates and flatware. Get all of the good stuff that you can get while people are generous!

  2. Oh, I remember those days and loved every moment of it! His friends were just astounded when the say the “makeover”. I coined it debachelorizing the apartment!And the Pocono’s? Holy Moley…I drive through the Pocono’s to get to my sisters…you’re just 2 1/2 hrs. from Albany, lucky you!

  3. I love decorating. It is actually really fun to figure out how to blend the things you have with his- it is a great challenge where you can get very creative.

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