Cool…and yet a little spooky


I took some Time Out to go to a wedding tonight. A friend from my work at BBW had her wedding today, and although I was at work, taking care of sick people, during the actual wedding, I was able to meet up with the shower gel crowd later on and partied like it was 1999.

Of course, at any good wedding, you have to get some pictures. Once the bride and groom made their way over to us, we elected the one husband in the group to take our picture with the bride. He took the first photo with my camera, and although it turned out, I made him take another one. Why, you ask? Well, first a little background…

A few weeks ago, Patrice shared a story of a haunted chair she had purchased on eBay. She shared this link for some background on how she knew the chair was haunted. I was a little skeptical, but I am now a true believer.

I give you Exhibit A…

Please pay special attention to the white spot covering the upper half of the bride’s face. It’s a Ghost Orb people. I was so excited that I almost bust a gut. Who doesn’t want to think that their loved ones who aren’t with them anymore are with them on their wedding day? What a blessing to be able to see such evidence that the people we lose are still with us!

So I showed the picture to the bride…and I explained about the Ghost Orb…and that’s when she started to cry.

So I felt a little like a schmuck. But then she explained that her grandparents, who have been gone for a while now, would have celebrated their wedding anniversary yesterday (on a day that, it should be noted, will also be my wedding anniversary…not that this post is about me or anything), and everyone has been telling her that they must be with her today. And I had just shown her proof.

So they were happy tears, not sad ones. But something I have had to add to my list…don’t make brides cry on their wedding days. It just shouldn’t be done.

PS – Patrice, sorry that I thought you were a little crazy with the whole haunted chair thing. I believe you now…I have proof right here on my digital camera.


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  1. ha! nice!!people think I’m nuts. I can’t say that I believe in the orb, but I can’t say that I don’t either. I’m not sending my chair picture to the tabloids or anything, just quietly commenting on what the hell was THAT. it’s good that the bride was happy – I think that even though she cried, she’s going to remember that part of the day forever.

  2. I’m not a ghost orb believer personally – but it’s nice in a way that the bride felt that her grandparents were with her on her wedding day.

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