Tonight was trick or treat night here in town, so my mom and I braved the cold to sit in the driveway, eat candy bars, drink some wine, and hand out treats to the neighborhood kids. Picture this…an adolescent male, dressed as what looks like a Christmas present. On the tag, it says, “To: Women, From: God.”

Yes, friends, God’s gift to women is about 14 years old and lives right here in my neighborhood.

My mom and I are still laughing about it…


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  1. How funny…yet creepy too. I guess it depends upon the boy. If he was a dork then I would be laughing my ass off. If he was “hot” I would think he was full of himself. I guess it’s hard to tell with 14 year olds anymore.

  2. Thank goodness we finally know where that gift went. I thought it got lost in the mail. Can somebody please send out a memo to all the other men who think and are pretending they are the gift letting them know that it’s ok, we found it and they can stop covering God’s hind end now?

  3. that is excellent…for a grown man. for a 14 year old? it’s annoying. but funny, nonetheless.oh, I just read he was dorky. that’s great. forget what I just said then.

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