Called out…and it’s nice to know you care!


The lovely and talented Kat left me a message on myspace letting me know that she had noticed that I hadn’t blogged in a while. And it’s true…I’ve been MIA. That’s because I am here at school for the FIFTH NIGHT IN A ROW, working on more school work than any woman with a job and a life should ever have to do. Right now, my partners and I are making up a poster for one of our classes. I would love to follow up this meeting with some Heavy Drinking, but I have to work tomorrow, so that’s a big no.

I will be back when my pity party is over…


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  1. More that I didn’t want to have to take care of patients with a hangover, as I had to work at the hospital…although BBW is not a hangover-friendly environment either.

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