Oh, the aggravation…


You know how sometimes thing to be going pretty well, and then something comes along and bites you in the ass?

I just balanced my checkbook yesterday and commented to myself that I wasn’t completely in the hole (although I am still using credit cards from time to time, which really has to stop). And although I know I need two new tires and a car inspection before the end of the month, I was feeling okay about the money situation.

Until this evening…

First, I open my invoice for the winter and spring in my nursing program, and my awarded financial aid is $210 short of covering my full bill. So that means I have to pay them $210…and I don’t have any excess money in my loans to pay for books, so I will have to pay for those too. Crap.

Then I open a large envelope from a non-profit organization of which I am a (very bad, very absent, not-so-involved-because-life-is-so-crazy) board member. And in it are five items that they are asking me to sell for $15 each…for a total of $75. Listen, I don’t have time to breathe, let alone sell these things. So I will probably end up buying them myself and giving them as gifts for Christmas. I know it’s a good cause, but it still makes me cranky. They will make cute gifts, but they were not the kind of bombshell I wanted in my mailbox today.

I hate money…


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  1. Don’t hate the money…hate the mail carrier. they are evil and bring you things that steal your money away. it is no wonder that dogs hate them.

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