I’ll just DVR that…


And with a visit from the cable man to Bill’s house yesterday, my leap into the 21st century is complete. Let me explain. Parts of PA are, shall we say, a little rural. And one of those rural areas is the town in which Bill has built a house and in which we will build our Life of Marital Bliss together. And until very recently, that town didn’t have digital cable. In fact, when he moved there 2 1/2 years ago, there wasn’t even a way to get a high-speed internet connection. Yeah, it’s that rural. He had his house wired for data ports in every room, but only dial-up was in the picture. It was pretty sad.

Anyhoo, after living with DSL for about two years, the exciting news came along that DIGITAL CABLE WAS ON ITS WAY!!!! So yesterday, the nice man with the cable boxes came up and installed the new cable modem, the digital cable boxes, and the ultimate tool for the TV junkie in me, the DVR. It’s been a good twelve hours.

Last night, Bill and I got all cozy in bed, and he immediately decided to On Demand some Curb Your Enthusiasm. How cool is it that you can just watch those shows whenever you feel like it? SO COOL! Hmmm…there’s nothing on TV tonight. That’s okay…HBO On Demand ALWAYS has something I feel like watching!

Not to be outdone, when I found myself unable to sleep after he left for work this morning, I found myself watching a couple of episodes of Sex and the City. Season three is available right now, and since I have only been a sporadic SATC viewer for all these years, it was all new to me. Tonight, I have the DVR set to record CSI and Without a Trace for me. I can’t stay up that late because I am a lightweight, but now DVR will let me watch them whenever I want.

Ahhhhh…I love technology…


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  1. I am so jealous. We were willing to pay the expense of a cable modem because we deal with a lot data going back and forth from our labs to our house, but we aren’t willing to shell out the extra money for digital cable. Someday, hopefully. Enjoy your new toys!

  2. oh my god. dvr has changed my friggin LIFE. I love pausing tv when the phone rings or bella needs to be rescued from the cubbyhole she gets herself stuck in all the time. I love not having to be home in time for whatever show I’m watching because it’s already taping and even if it’s only 8 mins in, I can watch from the beginning. and by god, the best part of all…I CAN DVR ENDLESS EPISODES OF MURDER SHE WROTE.

  3. I honestly thought the DVR was an unnecessary expense that we weren’t going to use much. And now I realize it is PRICELESS and I can’t live without it.

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