We get our due…


I was flipping through my new Glamour magazine today, and I came to a page that showed a woman in front of a barn-ish door, with a dog at her feet. And I thought, “Wait, I know that dog.” And my eyes moved up to the woman’s face, and I thought, “Wait, I know that face.” It was…Dooce! And she was featured in a story about the Internet’s newest trend…blogging! We have made it into Glamour, my friends. We are finally getting our due.

The article featured five women talking a little bit about why they started blogging, what they got out of blogging, and what blogging has done for them. I am sad to say that not all the experiences were positive. However, the article really got me thinking about why I started blogging, and why I keep blogging, and what I get out of blogging. And if you are still with me here, you are one of the lucky ones who get to hear about it!

My Diamonds girls and I talk every day on an EZBoard, so I spend a chunk of each day on the Internet. And one day, one of the girls (Kat? Nikole? Suzanne? I don’t remember who it was.) told us that we HAD to check out the website www.dooce.com. So being the good little bored worker, I went right over to that site to check it out. And I was transfixed. First of all, this woman was HILARIOUS! Secondly, she had a child that was right around my nephew’s age, and hearing her talk about how her daughter just would not crawl made me feel better about the fact that my nephew was not yet motoring around on his own. She also had a dog who was quite the photogenic little beast, and as someone who has always secretly loved those calendars that feature dogs in different poses, I enjoyed his antics. I quickly read through all her archives (getting very little done at work for several consecutive days), and before long I was checking her site out every day. And she is one of the great bloggers…she posts almost every day, and on some days, you get a bonus post.

Before long, I started checking out other blogs. I “met” Kristy, who “just walks around with it.” My cousin started blogging. Some of the other Diamonds girls started blogging as well. I discovered the “Next Blog” button, and I was off to the races! Suddenly, my blog habit became quite involved, and I started reading all about the details of people’s lives on a daily basis. I came across Crazy Aunt Purl, and reading her blog became my therapy. She remains a favorite still.

Now, I have a good list of blogs that I check out every day. I have been blogging myself for almost a year now, and although I don’t get to post as often as I would like to, I am still so glad that I joined this bandwagon. Even without that article in Glamour, I knew the Blogosphere was, for me, the “place to be.” But it’s nice that now the rest of the world can know that…


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  1. I am glad that you blog. It’s nice to see someone trying so hard to get their life together, but still enjoy it. I mean that as a very good thing.Dooce’s daughter Leta is exactly one week older than my son Dermot. I am fascinated at how different the two of them are.

  2. I think every blogger on earth reads dooce. well, the ladeez, anyway.the next blog button was a godsend. it’s sort of lost its luster now that there are so many bogus ad blogs, but still, I click on it every so often and find something interesting.

  3. How fantastic she was in Glamour! I will have to go find that mag now…I haven’t had such fun with the “next blog” as the commenter above. For some reason every time I click on it I get sent to a blog from Singapore, and…well, we just can’t relate, ya know?

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