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First of all, I have to share that Bill has moved all my stuff out of storage and into his basement and garage. I think I may have shared this before, but it bears repeating because last night, when I got to his house, I went to the basement to get reacquainted with some of that stuff. I opened up the first box before me…and when I saw my books in it, I started to cry. It is HARD to pack up your entire life and throw into a storage unit, thinking it will be for a few months, only to have it turn into 2+ years. I missed my stuff. It is so nice to have it back!

This morning, I went back down into the basement to pick out a few select items to Pretty Up the house. Mostly, these were my Longaberger baskets. Bill’s house has really wide windowsills, so some of them went on those, and the basket that has traditionall held my kitchen utensils went on my counter. Bill jokes that he loves to come home and see what kind of new surprised he can find. He should have a field day tonight.

I have also picked out some paint colors that will be going on the walls before we bring all my furniture in and get my decorations in order. For the living room, I have chosen a soft yellow called Provence Creme. For the breakfast nook, I have chosen a dark-ish blue called Windsor Haze. They are both Behr colors, so if you care to search for them so you can see into my life, check out their website. Just be forewarned that the Provence Creme is more yellow than it looks on your computer screen.

In wedding news, I ordered my flowers today! I am so, so excited! My bouquet will be roses (to different shades…one yellow with red tips and the other creme with brown-ish tips), hypernicum berries, some yellow filler, and red and orange fall leaves. It will be hand tied with ribbon and feature some pearl straight pins holding it all together. I can’t wait! My bridesmaids will have three colors of Gerbera daisies (a red color, an orange color, and a gold color), with the same filler, berries, and leaves. I was so excited that the florist really understood what I wanted and seemed like he could make it all happen. I was even more excited that he gave me a 10% discount because he goes to the same church as my family does!

Off to do more schoolwork…


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  1. You bouquet sounds beautiful! Great deal with the discount too! Have fun decorating and wait until it’s 3 months from now and Bill asks where’d this basket come from. haha.

  2. Yeah on having your stuff back! I think that it’s so awesome that Bill wants you to make his house your (in the plural) house. It sounds like he’s been so very accommodating about the decor. Your flowers sound wonderful. It must feel nice to have one more detail out of the way.

  3. Sounds stunning – you must post pictures of the big day! You are going to be a beautiful bride! Lucky you, to have found not only the perfect man, but the perfect dress and flowers! I’m envious!

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