Random! And a shout out!


I just spent the last 3 1/2 hours writing a fourteen page paper that is due THIS EVENING. Yes, that’s right. I challenge anyone to be a better procrastinator than I am! I will crush you!

In all fairness to those who may take up that challenge, it was a journey paper, which is basically a long, stream-of-consciousness journal that entails all the experiences I have had during my leadership clinical this semester. There were no references and no citations. So basically, I just wrote a fourteen page blog entry, albeit in APA format.

You may notice that things are looking different around here, and that’s where the shout out comes in. I would like to bow down at the feet of Miss Zoot, who has one of the prettiest blogs (IMHO) on the Internet. Miss Zoot has created some free templates that she is allowing people to use. If you are on a high traffic site (hi, that wouldn’t be me), she asks that you host the graphics on your own, but if you are a relative blogging unknown (now, that sounds like me), she is kind enough to share her bandwidth with you. If I knew how to host the images on my own, I would do it, but I am an HTML moron, which is why I was so excited to have a pretty new design that was not one of the cookie cutter Blogger designs. So thanks, Miss Zoot! And let me know if I am using too much of your bandwidth! I would be happy to host the images on my own…as long as you show me how first!


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  1. I so have you beat on the procrastination on a paper. Mine was due last night and I got an extension until tomorrow. I’m still writing the first draft. BTW, love the new look. I got tired of emailing you comments and finally signed up for a Blogger account.

  2. Oh silly procratstinator! I’ve got a _chapter_ for a major reference book due on the 15th. Have I started? No! I love the new look – what a pleasant surprise today! And a belated happy birthday to you – this year is full of tons of milestones, may you enjoy every one of them!

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