More about the "no money" thing…


I used to spend a ridiculous amount of money on my hair. I went to one of the more “exclusive” salons in town, and it was not cheap. Sometimes, I even had to use my Visa to pay for my haircuts. Not a good plan when you have no money.

Today, I had a $15.95 coupon for a “Haircut Plus” from my local Fantastic Sams. And because I was growing a little bit of a mullet because the wedge in the back of my hair had grown out unevenly and unfortunately, I decided to take them up on their offer. And you know what? It looks just fine.

Now, I have another “ways I am saving money” thing to add to my list. And I have a very nice new stylist named Andrew who gave me some nice sideswept bangs.

Not sure why I didn’t just go there in the first place…

Now that I have this smashing new ‘do, I am going to head over the driver’s license photo place to have my picture taken. It turns out that my license expired on Sunday, so I really should have had my new one made up before now. And I figure that there will not be a day that I will take the time and care to dry my hair like Andrew did, so I might as well take care of the picture now. Here’s to a photo that’s not too scary!


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  1. Congratulations! That’s wonderful. You are a brave, savvy woman.Plus, every time I look at your blog these days I’m jealous of the cuteness…but am just not sure what I want my own to look like. Sigh.

  2. You should wait on the license until after you’re married if you can. You’ll just have to change it again anyway. That is if you’re changing your name.

  3. What the…? I haven’t been here in a while and you go and turn thirty on me andchange your blog! I love it! Oh, and I’m so going to check out the books you’ve been reading and give them a go. Congrats on everything. Yes, Thirty is the new 20. I’m in my thirties too (Egads!) But I’m officially stuck at 27. Yeah, I think I’ll just stay riiiiiight there. lol. Oh, and congrats again on the nursing thing. If you saw in Career Builder of the paper you guys are in high demand and will have people knocking down your door for you. Keep your moral up though, nursings tough. I love that you had a coupon. lol! So, I’m not the only one who takes advantage of things like that. I’m a coupon gal. 😀

  4. I used to go to discount chain places for my haircuts, but after the second time of having to return to have it “fixed” when I would get home and discover that it was completely lopsided, I sucked it up and went to an actual “salon” for the first time in my life. I think it’s a fairly moderate priced place…I spend about $25 (including tip). I couldn’t get myself to switch back now, but I save money by making a haircut last 8 weeks. It just looks like a differnt hairstyle by the end of 8 weeks!

  5. Totally jealous of the cuteness…Sweet deal on the haircut. I’m so afraid of discount places. I’ve done them before and been really dissapointed. Of course, I’ve also paid a lot and been disappointed before…

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