Into the Woods


Sometimes, when you are driving home, and you turn on to your street, there are two fawns and a doe, standing off to the side, munching on the weeds. And sometimes, you think, “Shit! What do I do now?” So you beep at them. And they stare at you like, “That lady’s on crack.” And then you wait for them to meander across the road and get far enough off of the shoulder that you are reasonably sure that they won’t get all suicidal and lunge back in front of your car. And while this is going on, you hope against hope that someone doesn’t take the corner too fast and fail to see you sitting there, planning your evening around the whims of some wildlife.

And then, as you are pulling up your driveway and calling your fiance to tell him to be careful of the deer, sometimes you see the buck in your front yard, eating your weeds. And sometimes, you think the deer must be laughing at you.

Just sayin’…


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