Go, team, go!


Before I met WJC, I was a moderate sports fan with an affinity for the New York Yankees and the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was a less moderate fan of the Yankees and a crazy and whacked out fan of the Cleveland Browns…the Steelers’ biggest rivals. Yeah, it was a great start to our relationship.

My only real experience playing sports was some unfortunate years on my high school field hockey team. I was not good, but I had heart. I could cheer with the best of them. I was a mean scorekeeper. And as sweeper, I even made some good saves once in a while. However, I couldn’t get it all together and be a real key to the success of the team. Also, the team didn’t meet with much success because we were pretty bad.

Suddenly, I had this man in my life who (A) had season tickets to the Yankees and (B) had two sons who were way into sports. Now, they were still young at the time (CC#1 was 7 and had just finished first grade, and CC#2 was 6 and had just finished kindergarten), so these were modified versions of what they play now. However, I gamely (tee-hee) planned my weekend schedule around baseball games and basketball games and soccer games (as well as CCD and church, but that’s another story). And it was a good fit.

Now, they are older, and they are started to have “favorite” sports. No one plays soccer anymore. They both love basketball. However, CC#1 prefers to play football, while CC#2 is on his way to becoming a baseball star. They don’t just play in the regular season anymore either. For baseball, we have all-star tournament baseball, and for basketball, we have some rec teams.
Since starting school, my nights and weekends are not my own, so I can’t make it to all the games. Also, being one of two girls in my family, I don’t always know all the rules. However, I love to watch them play their games, and I love to sit with the other parents and cheer for our team. And I wonder what my life would be like if I didn’t have these two boys to cheer for. I know it would be missing something without them.


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  1. I played field hockey in high school too… And i’m 40, btw, which is the new 30… ha ha ha! And i work at a newspaper in the sports dept. I saw your post at Aarwen’s and thought i’d drop by and look for the link to the beanspot blog, although i think i have been there already! Hope you are well. Keep on drinkin’ water, eating “right” and get the cardio goin’… your body will thank you!

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