Oh please, oh please, come right on in…we’re ever so glad to see you!


As I mentioned last week some time (or maybe earlier…I have lost track), I am taking part in the Bloggy Tour of Homes. Therefore, I rushed home this evening to move piles of mess around in my house so that I could take pictures with no mess in them. Remember how I said I was going to clean for you? Just kidding!

Anyway, please come in…

As you can no doubt tell, this is our front door. We never use it. We prefer to enter through the garage. However, the garage is a mess, so you won’t be seeing that!

Here we have the living room. Before I moved here, this room got very little use because Bill would just retire to the bedroom to watch TV at night. Now I used this room a lot because it is the room with the air conditioner in it. I also love my couches, and I sit on them often!

This is the kitchen, where I don’t cook too often. But I will when I am done with nursing school. I have promised Bill. Those dish towels say “Sister Mary Margarita.” That’s three-fold funny for us because (A) we are Catholic, (B) my name is Mary Margaret, and (C) we love us some margaritas! Okay, moving on!

Bill’s office…also, I guess, my office. Home of the blogging “magic.” That’s about all in the house. The master bedroom is not at all done, so we will not be going there. The boys’ room is, well, a boys’ room, so no visits there either. Let’s head outside…

This is some of the woods behind our house. We have many wild things that either live in them or cut through them on a daily basis. They are my favorite feature of our property.

This is the view from our front porch. That is not our house…it’s the big house across the street. That tree-covered mountain the in the very background is Camelback Mountain, home of one of the Poconos’ many ski resorts.

And that, my friends, is our happy little corner of the world. We plan to fix this here place up and make it more home-like (paint and pictures on the walls will be a great start), but for now, this is where we spend part of our days and most of our nights.

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Lovely! Bethlehem is very Beautiful. I remember visiting someone I know who lived there–Oh Lord….A VERY VERY VERY Long time ago. When I was growing up, my parents had a farm in the Pocono’s…Near Newfounland. Our postoffice was Angels, PA.Where you live is so very peaceful and beautiful and so is your home.

  2. Very Nice! I love the scenery and the kitchen. It looks like your taste in furniture is very similar to mine: simple. I call it “Pottery Barn Style.”

  3. Thanks so much for the glimpse into your home…it looks very cozy and inviting! Terrific view you have also!! I visited Bethlehem on my way to Atlantic City a few years ago and enjoyed it so much…very lovely part of the world:-)

  4. What a great view. Your home is lovely, the kitchen is my favorite, but then I”m partial to kitchens…though I don’t cook. Go figure.Thanks for letting us visit.Rena

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