On the night shift…


I am getting ready to head in to work at an hour when I would usually be going to bed. We are short-staffed this week again, and the hours were there for the taking. I went off to the grocery store this morning to buy me some Tylenol PM, which one of the regular night shifters told me she used to sleep during the day when she had already slept the night before. Somehow, that didn’t make it home with me…damned little bottle in a damned little box!

I tried to nap during the day, but instead, most of my day consisted of watching DVRed and On Demand-ed television, with an episode of General Hospital thrown in there. I did nap for a half hour at the beginning of the set and for 1 1/2 to 2 hours after 8:00. The result? A very fuzzy brain with no desire to climb in the car for my 45 minute commute. But sick people are sick at night too, so I will be climbing into the car and making my trip down there.

Oh, and the car? The new one? Here it is…

Meet Space Ghost, named in honor of one of my favorite cartoons on the USA Cartoon Express. The others were Captain Caveman and Clue Club, for anyone keeping track*.

Man, it’s gonna be a long night…

*You should all know that I first wrote that phrase “keep tracking,” and I had to come back in and do an edit to fix it. Yeah, I wasn’t kidding about the long night!


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  1. I haven’t been able to mess with my sleep since I was about 28 or so. Since then, it’s deprived thanks to the two year old, but it’s still the same each night. I’ve never understood how people are able to go back and forth. Yeah for new cars! I’m partial to Space Ghost myself. We have Loretta the car (green civic) and Bluey (blue CR-V).

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