Puppy Love


So it’s not that easy having a puppy in the house, but he is being a champ. He was home alone in his crate for many long hours yesterday, and he didn’t go to the bathroom in it at all. I was astounded because all the literature (yes, I have become an info ho regarding puppy books now) says that puppies are physically unable to hold it that long. Hmmm, seems like they are wrong.

We are working diligently on the crate training, and he is doing pretty well. He generally cries right when we put him in it, but then he quiets down. The crate is a lifesaved for times like this, when I want to blog and surf the internet without worrying about him chewing through my computer cables. And he has been sleeping in it at night, with me on the floor next to him. Next week, I return to my bed to see how he does with that. Wish me luck because sleeping on the floor is definitely getting old. However, Bill is enjoying spreading out in the bed!


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