It’s the final countdown…


Harking back to the days when I tried to title every post with a song, sing along with me to the title above. As an aside, I should have named the posts liked they named episodes of Friends. This one would be called, “The One Where Mary Loses Her Last Grip on Reality.”

Anyway, if you look over in the sidebar there, you will see that, as I write this, the wedding is eleven days away. In fact, eleven days from now, at this exact time, I will have stopped being M. Thom. and will have taken on my new identity as M. Case. We will be at our reception, celebrating with our friends and families. And we will be having a great time.

Here are some things we have accomplished on the path to the wedding. I have picked up my wedding dress and brought it to my mom’s house. I have had my pre-Bridal appointment at the hair salon, where my short-ish hair got put into an up-do that I love. We have met with the priest (FINALLY!!!), who told us that we scored well on our pre-wedding inventory and he knows we will have a great wedding. He told us that in the 50 total minutes that we were required to meet with him before the rehearsal comes along on the night before the wedding. Our priest is really awesome…but he’s also really busy, so we haven’t spent much time with him. Today, I ordered a ring bearer’s pillow and a garter set off on eBay. We also went on Friday to our local Irish store to buy Bill’s wedding band, which was his birthday gift from me. Everything is moving right along here…and in twelve days, it will all be over! Crazy!

Oh, I also had that bachelorette party. The one where I threw up on a stranger. In my defense, the girls kept buying me shots, and then after I was good and drunk, they let me drink glass after glass of water…apparently several pints of water. Who thought that was a good idea? Drunk girl drinking copious amounts of water? Recipe for vomit! But I still feel bad for ruining that guy’s night…

This week, I go to get my hair professionally colored for the first time in almost two years, and my mom and I meet with the coordinator at the reception venue to lay out our room and plan where things like the decorations and the cake are going to go. This is getting more and more real every day…and I can’t wait until it gets here!

Look for more updates as the next few days speed by…but don’t look too often because you know I haven’t been a good blogger for a while now! Hopefully, the combination of the passing of the wedding and the end of nursing school will make me better at this!


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