My husband is making me clean the house. I hate doing a large housecleaning and prefer instead to take messes as they come and clean them up. Unfortunately, several messes have attacked us all at once. And we took down the Christmas tree today, so it was a great excuse to get cracking. He is on his hands and knees, washing the kitchen floor right now (he claims it’s the only way to do the job right), so I was able to grab a few moments with my precious Internet. And The Office starts in 10 minutes, so I know a reprieve is in sight!

Ahhhhhhh…married life…


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  1. If he wants to get on all fours and scrub, then more power to him! He better not be trying to guilt you into doing it. Hmph!I have never got on hands and knees to scrub a tiled floor anyway. Yes,I’m lazy and I like mops and wet jets and all those things. Oh, and Otto is so pretty and shiny. What a sweetie!

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