It’s all over but the testing…


I have officially scheduled my nursing boards for March 15, 2007. My goal was to take this dreaded exam by the middle of March…looks like I am right on time for that! Two of my fellow graduates, who are working with me in the NICU, are taking it two days before, on March 13. I was going to join them that day, but I tend to have better days on Thursdays, so since there was a Thursday available, I scooped that right up!

If you could all collectively cross your fingers and hold your breath from about 8 AM to noon on March 15, it would be greatly appreciated. If it takes me more than four hours (I believe that they allot six), I will be passed out on the floor right beside you…


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  1. When I told Mark that I scheduled my ultrasound for March 15th he said “Beware the Ides of March.” But I’m sure you’ll ace your tests and I’ll be thinking of you while they rub my belly down with goo.

  2. You’ll be just fine. Try to relax and what you learned in school will carry you right through the test. You are smart and I am sure you know your stuff. Good luck!

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