They say it’s my birthday! It’s my birthday too, yeah!


So now, I guess 31 is the new 21? If so, I have a lot of drinking to do!

I have been up for the last 18 hours because I worked last night, and now I am celebrating (A) Jackson’s baptism and (B) MY BIRTHDAY!!! Will I ever get sick of my birthday? I think not!

Yes, this is a gratuitous plea for comments wishing me a happy birthday! Hey, I have to know if you guys are out there! I am even going to enable anonymous comments so you can leave comments without a Blogger account. So let’s hear from you!!!!


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  1. Hey Mary, Happy Birthday! i am a little behind on my blog reading and commenting, but rest assured I always read what you post through my RSS reader. Congrats on losing weight- I hope that you can keep going with that. It is nice that you are able to lose weight without totally depriving yourself either. About Otto jumping on strangers, there are lots of things you can try. In the dog training class I have been going to, they practice an exercise with dogs that jump on people where the person approaching abruptly turns and walks away if the dog jumps on them, basically ignoring the behavior. If the dog sits nicely or even just doesn’t jump, the stranger rewards the dog with a nice treat. Maybe something to try, anyway.

  2. Up for 18 hours and then celebrating? You must be 21! Have a very, very happy birthday! Last year was a pretty momentous one for you. Wishing you new excitement and accomplishments in the new one.

  3. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, BIRTHDAY! Seems like it was a good one. Congrats on your weight loss. Oh, you seem to be spending a lot of times around babies. Hmmm, is this a hint of your fate. heh. I will soon be considering 33 as the new 23, so I’m with you there. Haven’t been around as much, sorry! But I’m back and back-reading.

  4. Happy, Happy, Happy 31st!!! There’s nothing wrong with celebrating your birthday and enabling people to wish you the best! It’s what your birthday is all about. Sharing the love! Hope you have the best day and the greatest year ever!

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