Mindless eating…


Today, for the first time since I joined Weight Watchers, I actually knowingly and with no good reason (i.e. no wedding, not my birthday, no dinner out) bought a whole bunch of not-good-for-me food for the purpose of eating it, much in the manner of the mindless binge eating that I used to engage in regularly. Blame it on loneliness (Bill is out of town), boredom (I am sitting here at home having conversations with the dog), or PMS (no further explanation needed), but it has to stop.

I think I will go to bed before I can do anymore harm. And I will remember that tomorrow is a new day!


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  1. I definitely did that yesterday. Auggghhhh. And I’m now 3 lbs heavier than I was last week, CRAP. I blame it on the Nachos BEll Grande I ate from Taco Bell yesterday, what’s with all that sodium?? oops.

  2. I hate when that happens! What always helped me to not do it again was to write it all down and to stick that page on the fridge or the cabinets so that when I felt that way I remembered just how bad for me it was. Of course when I was PMSing I’d just rip the list off the cabinet and eat it too… 🙂

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