Hello, and welcome to my new bed…


Well, Friends, I have arrived. For the first time since childhood, I am sleeping on a new mattress. The nice delivery men from Sleepy’s came today and hauled away the mattress that Bill and I have been sleeping on (a hand-me-down that had seen better days…like twenty years ago) and set up my new frame, mattress, and box spring. I promptly fell into this new bed and slept the day away because I have to work tonight. And when I woke up? I was not in pain. Oh, it felt so good…

Incidentally, I had a great experience with Sleepy’s. I have heard they are kind of hit or miss, but I had a great experience in the store and a great delivery experience. My delivery window was 8 AM to noon…I was hoping for early because I had to try to get in at least five hours of sleep in order to manage to survive the night at work awake. Well, they were out of here by 9 AM, and I was on my way to Night-Night Land.

Ah, new mattress…how I love thee!!!


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