One year ago…


At this time, I was just getting up and looking forward to my wedding day. We had a whirlwind day planned of hair appointments and pictures and the wedding and the reception. It all went off without a hitch except that my new husband couldn’t find his room key when he was done partying with his friends and ended up spending the night on the couch in the lobby. I enjoyed my king-sized bed, champagne, and chocolate-covered strawberries very much on my own, thanks.

One year later, it has not been a fairy tale. It’s hard to get used to being married, especially when you are also getting used to living together, taking care of a dog, and working opposite schedules. However, we have worked through all the getting-used-to-it stuff and have hit the happy stride. Marrying Bill was the best thing I ever did. If God is willing, we will spend the next few years adding to our family. And I can’t imagine anyone else I would rather grow old with…

Happy Anniversary to my hubby…and here’s to many more!


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