Sun Seeking


I went out into the 90,000,000 degree, 70,000% humidity morning, on my way to the grocery store to restock our fridge and pantry. We were long out of lunchmeat, our snack stores had been depleted, and our milk had an expiration date of 5/30. It was time.

While grumbling about the heat as I wound my way along the roads on the mountain we call home, I passed a yard that was full of dandelions.

The face of every single one of those yellow flowers was pointing up and to the east, turned right to the sun. It was an amazing sight to see.

It put a smile on my face, even as I felt a trickle of sweat making its way down my back.

Isn’t nature amazing?


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  1. It is. And yet some would not have even thought about those dandelions. Or only considered them weeds. It’s so nice to be able to really appreciate the small things.

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