Good-bye, old friend…


I have discussed before how much my years at Camp Mosey Wood meant to me as I was entering adulthood and figuring out what I wanted from life. There are so many important experiences I had at camp and so many things I learned about myself, and I know without a doubt that I would not be the person I am today without my years there, as well as my years working for the Girl Scout organization. I brought from that time a belief in myself, a belief in the goodness of others, and a belief in the power of Girl Scouting.

One person who was so important to us during those years of camp was our property manager, Lou. He kept us feeling safe, as he lived near the camp entrance and kept track of everyone who came in and went out. He always went above and beyond, willing to help us out whenever we needed it. I remember one day, when my fellow counselor Addie and I were out of camp, doing a little shopping, that Lou especially came to our rescue. Addie had locked her keys in her car (a big old boat of a car that was built like a tank), and we called camp to get some help. Our camp director answered, I told her the problem, and she asked what we wanted her to do. My reply? “Send Lou.”

And Lou came.

He used a wire coat hanger to get us back into that car, and that car got us back to camp, and we weren’t even late for dinner. Lou saved our day.

I received word last night that Lou had passed away during the day yesterday. Although I had not seen him in many years, my heart has a bit of a hole in it today, remembering the wonderful man that he was and knowing how much he will be missed. It has been some years since he worked at camp, as he has been enjoying his retirement since several years ago, but he will always be a part of camp to me, and my memories of camp will always include him.

Rest in peace, old friend…


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