As a Catholic, I follow the tradition of giving something up for Lent. With Ash Wednesday coming this week, I have given some thought over the past few days as to what this should be. In the past, I have given up meat, fast food, potatoes (or at least tried to…I did end up breaking that one before Easter came), and chocolate. This year, I wanted to be serious about what I was giving up, and I wanted it to be a real and true sacrifice.

Therefore, I am giving up soda. Not just regular soda for diet…all soda, all the time. Seeing as how that is roughly the only thing I drink, this should be interesting. See, I love soda. I love the sweetness and the fizziness. I love that cola taste. And my body has a special relationship with the caffeine in it because if I go too long without having that caffeine, I develop a headache that feels like a vise grip being tightened on my temples.

And this is not good.

So even though I am sitting here, fully enjoying a can of Pepsi right now, I am already planning for Wednesday, when I will be quitting the soda cold turkey. As someone who works nights, the caffeine will probably be the thing that is harder to give up. It might take some days of Excedrin Tension to get me through, but in the end, I will be better for it. I will break my addiction to soda, and I will make my sacrifice for Lent.

Two birds, one stone. Wish me luck!


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