Fishy, fishy, fishy…


As an update to what I posted a few weeks ago in regard to a change in my diet, I am happy to report that I have dropped beef, poultry, and pork, for the most part, from my eating! I have been expanding my choices for completely meat-free meals (relying both on old favorites and on some of the better meat substitutes on the market), and I am loving that I don’t have to think so hard about how my meal was treated before it made its way to my table. For the most part, I am very happy with this, although I have to admit that when I stopped to pick up Chik-fil-a for my mom and grandmother yesterday, I was really tempted. However, I hit up Panera for a lunch of my own, and all was good!

I have only two caveats to this whole plan. This first is that if I am at someone’s house, and they are preparing a meat-centered meal (and this includes holidays), I will still eat the meat. If there is a fish option, I will opt for the fish, but if the only main protein option is beef, poultry, or pork, I will eat it. I don’t want to turn into some revolutionary, vegetarian activist or anything, and I don’t want people to feel that they have to plan around my food preferences when planning a meal. I figure a 95% success rate is better than nothing at all, and that is how I am going to do this. The second is that there will be times, if I am comfortable that the meat being offered by a restaurant is from an animal that has been treated well, that I may opt to eat meat. I was out to dinner last week with some friends at a restaurant that has just recently started listing information about the local and sustainable foods that they are using on their menu. I was briefly excited that maybe I could opt for a turkey burger since it had information on where the turkey came from, but in the end I had fish tacos anyway because that is what I wanted. But it’s exciting to see restaurants get on board with this stuff, and it’s nice to think that an occasional meat-based meal can be mine without me feeling any guilt about it.

I am heading back to Weight Watchers tomorrow for my first weigh-in in about a month, I believe. My eating has been back on track this week, and I have been tracking using the eTools online, and I am feeling good about where I stand going in. I think I am probably up a few pounds (but am hoping it’s less than three), but I am not up as high as I was at the end of last week, when I stepped on the scale and cringed on my backslide. It’s time to close the floodgates and get back on my plan.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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  1. I’m in no way trying to encourage you to do more than you are doing. I hope you know that I don’t preach, but if you are looking for any information or food ideas, please feel free to drop me a line either on FB or through my resurrected blog. I am all about people thinking about these issues and coming up with their own answers. It seems like the Bethlehem area has a growing green/veggie movement. I know you don’t live their anymore, but it seems like you are back in the area enough that an increase in food options would be welcome.

    Also congrats on 66 pounds. That’s fantastic.

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